Friday, 27 March 2009

Awards & Press

The Guild of Food Writers Awards 2014 - Winner of Food Blog of the Year
The SAVEUR Best Food Blog Awards 2014 - Winner of Best Use of Video (Readers' Choice)
The Guild of Food Writers Awards 2013 - Shortlisted for Food Blog of the Year
The Guild of Food Writers Awards 2012 - Winner of Food Blog of the Year
Cosmopolitan UK Blog Awards 2012 - Winner of Best Food Blog
The SAVEUR Best Food Blog Awards 2012 - Finalist for Best Baking and Desserts Blog
Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2012 - Finalist for Food Portraiture
Maltesers Recipe Competition 2010 - Winner for Malteser Layer Cake

Features & Mentions
The Telegraph - Stella Magazine, The Knowledge: How to Start a Food Blog, {online, print image} (13 July 2014)
Blogosphere Magazine - Recipes: Poires au Chocolat {page one, page two} (Issue 1, Oct 2013)
Corriere della Sera - 'Il mio segreto è nascosto tra la panna e il Medioevo' {page one, page two} (4th Oct 2013)
Waitrose Kitchen - Bookmark this Blog {image} (August 2013 issue)
Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine - Baker's Blog {image} (Issue 120, February 2013)
The Guardian - How to Cook the Perfect Yule Log {cover & article image}(13 December 2012)
Cosmopolitan UK - The 12 Hottest Trends for 2013 {image} (January 2013 issue)
Making Cakes and Bakes Magazine - Top 5 Blogs {image} (Christmas Issue 2012)
The Simple Things Magazine - A Weekend Treat {image} (Issue 3, Nov 2012)
delicious. Magazine - Blog We Love {image}(September Issue 2012)
Fork Magazine - Blog Roll {image}(May/June Issue 2012)

Buzzfeed - 11 Recipes for Bookworms Who Love to Eat (April 2014) - Flavoured Breads (April 2014)
Rocket & Squash - Supplemental #5, #8 & #12 (March 2014)
Food News Journal - Best of the Blogs: Foundations no.9 - Yeast (22 November 2013) - Foodies 2.0 (November 2013)
Huffington Post - Recipes Inspired by our Favourite Books - Seed Cake (November 2013)
The New York Times - Recipe Lab video chat with Julia Moskin and Kevin West: Blueberry Jam (August 2013)
Red Magazine Online - Editor's Choice: Best Food Blogs (August 2013)
The Good Web Guide - Food Blog of the Month (July 2013)
Fiona Beckett's Matching Food and Wine - Part II: What Makes a Great Food Blog? and Part III (July 2013)
Food 52 - Feed 52, Real Hot Cross Buns - also Food 52 Tumblr (March 2013) - Ingredient of the Week: Maple Syrup - previously also on Figs and Apples (March 2013)
Huffington Post - Cinnamon and Sticky Bun Recipes (January 2013)
Fine Cooking - The Most Beautiful Cake in the World (October 2012)
Huffington Post - Pecan Recipes (October 2012)
Desserts for Breakfast - TGIF: In the kitchen with Emma (Aug 2012)
SAVEUR - Sites We Love (June 2012)
BlogEATS - Eton Mess (June 2012)
Jesus College News - Poires au Chocolat wins Award (May 2012)
Foodista - Food Blog of the Day (May 2012)
The Guardian - A New Generation of Student Cooks (Sept 2011)
Food & Wine Finds - Latest Finds (August 2011)
The Kitchn - Delicious Links (July 2011)
SAVEUR - Links We Love (May 2011)
BlogHer - Hot Cross Buns (April 2011)
BBC Food Blog - Making the most of Courgettes (August 2010)
& a few more in various places - thank you all!

Some other pieces I've written...
TOAST Magazine - Parcel Force, Issue 1, p.99-103 (Nov 2014)
Borough Market - Preserving Summer: Raspberry and Redcurrant Jam (July 2014)
Borough Market - Victoria Sponge (July 2014)
The Telegraph - Apricot and coconut loaf cake (July 2014)
The Telegraph - Choco-caramel sauce recipe for ice cream sundaes (July 2014)
Food 52 - How to Make Homemade Elderflower Cordial, Small Batch column (24 June 2014)
Food 52 - How to Make Kringel at Home, Small Batch column (21 March 2014)
Cup of Jo - Nutella Crêpes (February 2014)
Eat this Poem - Literary City Guide: Oxford (October 2013)
Food52 - Tarta de Santiago, Small Batch column, (19 July 2013)
Sainsbury's Magazine - Treat Time, p.7, 68-70, (March Issue 2013)
The Everygirl - Holiday Desserts - Mince Pies and Homemade Mincemeat (December 2012)
Remedy Quarterly - Tarte aux Noix (Issue 8, 2012)
Beyond Baked Beans - How to Bake A Simple Birthday Cake (November 2011)

Lists - The UK's Top 10 Food Bloggers
Tamar Spotlight - Top 5 Influencers in the UK Food and Drink Industry
Woman & Home's 100 Best Food Blogs
Voilà! The Top 40 French Cooking Blogs
The Top 100 Cooking Blogs for Students

London on a Plate - 5 Minutes with Emma Gardner of Poires au Chocolat (June 2014)
SAVEUR - Meet the 2014 BFBA Winners: Poires au Chocolat (April 2014)
Eat Me Drink Me - Getting to know you... Poires au Chocolat (March 2014)
mbakes - Five Minutes with Emma Gardner from Poires au Chocolat (February 2014)
Zizi's Adventures - Guest Post Interview (June 2013)
West Elm Blog - 4 Questions with Emma Gardner of Poires au Chocolat (December 2012)
60 Seconds for Food Blogger Connect 2011 (April 2011)
On the Spot for The Daring Bakers (February 2010)

Food Blogger Connect 5 - 'What Does Successful Blogging Mean, Anyway?', panel with David Lebovitz and Niamh Shields of Eat Like a Girl. July 5th, 2013.



I decided a few years ago that I want this blog to be pure recipe posts. I am not a restaurant critic or a product reviewer. Every recommendation is my own - all the cookbooks I use and mention are bought by me, as are all the ingredients. If I mention a restaurant/cafe/shop, I went there of my own accord and paid. I do not accept products (for review or giveaways), press trips, classes/experiences or money for promotion in any situation. I am not linked to any companies and I will never put any form of advertising on the site.



  1. Hey!

    This is a lovely blog, can't wait to try some of these recipes! It's funny to read your story about being without a kitchen for your first year in Oxford. That's exactly what I'm going through now haha! Though cooking illegally in my room on a George Foreman grill has actually been a lot of fun :)And maybe check out my blog if you're interested. Finally, congrats for the recent Guild of Food Writers nomination!!

    Hannah x

  2. I just wanted to let you know I am quite disappointed you didn't win the Saveur blog contest :( I truly think you deserved it most. You are in good company though-often the winners of whatever the competition, election, race, etc. are not the most deserving! Love your blog...Christina

  3. I just found your blog in Pinterest and am so glad I did. I am in awe of your accomplishments (Oxford, cooking, photography) at such a young age. Please keep posting.


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