Monday 28 June 2010

An explanation and a little preview...

I didn't think it would take this long for me to post again - I kept on planning to make something, but couldn't leave work. I've been feeling guilty about it, but it's been fairly impossible. First I was doing my exam and then we had to pack up the kitchen and all our rooms and clean them before we left. I got home late on Saturday night and I've been exhausted ever since. There was an attempt at a recipe I've been making since I was about seven yesterday, but the combination of my exhaustion and my mum's new kitchen (I've never cooked on induction hobs before) made for a fairly awful result.

It's also so nice to be at home and be cooked for by my mum. She's been serving up amazing egg and swiss bacon salads, steak with peppercorn sauce, gorgeous fresh fruit.

I have also been sort of distracted. By the puppy you can see at the top. We have a new addition to our family - his name is Arthur (after my great-grandfather and King Arthur of medieval legend) and he's a thirteen week old golden retriever. He's got this beautiful dark coat and is quite possibly the most adorable animal ever. Our two older dogs are slowly coming around to the newcomer. I reckon that secretly they love him, but are keeping up their gruff, elderly exterior.

I'll blame my lack of baking on him. Nobody can be annoyed at Arthur. He's just too cute.

As far as food goes, I've got lots of things I can't wait to make and post about in the next few weeks. For instance, there's the piles and piles of gorgeous fruit just waiting to be made into something. If we don't eat it all first, that is. Then there's the elderflowers we picked this afternoon to make into cordial...


  1. Arthur looks so cute. These puppy eyes and paws. My sweet pup (chocolate lab) is right at my feet while I am typing. They are such a wonderful addition to a family. Enjoy Arthur!

  2. Arthur is indeed adorable!!! Thanks for making me smile today. I love dogs :)) I wish I could bring home one...sighhh

  3. About 4-5 years ago we brought home a kitten and our older cat was not happy about it. It didn't take long before they were both frisking about in the yard.

    He's almost 13 and she's almost 5 now and they still do it. If you didn't know it you would not realise their ages.

    I'm sure your older dogs will take to Arthur nicely once he's learnt the ways of the house.

  4. Emma you have a lovely blog, full of delicious goodies. Loved your peach tart, and cheese cake brownies. Yummmm. Your dog is adorable. Looking forward to more of your recipes. Have a nice week.

  5. oh man. Arthur is ADORABLE. totally a good excuse to not bake. if had arthur around, i would probably not bake a single thing, as i would be too busy taking photos of him, or playing with him.

    on the other hand, perhaps you should bake him some dog biscuits? There's nothing like fresh baked dog biscuits to make a dog love you forever.

    though it definitely spoils the dog for all other store bought dog biscuits.... Trust me. My former dog became quite the dog biscuit snob after I took to baking him biscuits...

  6. Arthur is just too cute! I wouldn't be able to concentrate on baking or blogging while ever he is around!


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