Monday 20 September 2010


Here, as promised, is a post all about the gelato I ate in Italy (see: A trip to Italy...).

When I spent a month traveling around Italy during my gap year, I ate a lot of gelato. We ate at least one cone a day. This was a bit greedy, I'll admit, and my waistline gave away my indulgences. 

Yet as a result, I've tried a fair few flavours and a fair few gelaterias. By far my favourite was a little coffee bar in Florence where I had an astounding cone of amaretti and bacio. B, the friend I was travelling with, had more bacio with some wonderful raspberry. You only have to look at my big cheesy grin below to know how excited I was (this photo also makes me aawwwh at how young I look).

Hence when we thought I might go to Italy, Florence was where I wanted to head. Never mind the beautiful city, it had the gelato!

As we headed into Florence, I was getting a bit nervous. I hadn't written down the location when I had been there last and I was going on a vague memory of where it was. I was worried it wouldn't be as good as I remembered. I was worried it wouldn't live up to my expectations or my mum's, after all my rhapsodizing. 

I had nothing to worry about. I found it easily. It was just as spectacular as I remembered. I had a cone of  creme caramel and black chocolate. The creme caramel was lovely and smooth, if the least inspiring of a great bunch. The black chocolate was jaw dropping. Absolutely stunning.  Just look below. 

Mum had a cone of the reliably great bacio with some mango. Another big grin!

After we had finished, we went and did a bit of sightseeing. A few hours later, another scoop seemed impossible to resist. 

...and so we returned. Mum had some coffee gelato after the choice became too much and it was closest. As a non-coffee drinker, the espresso flavour was a bit strong for her. I thought it was pretty fabulous. Italian coffee and gelato all in one = winner. 

As I had stood choosing my first scoops, the fig had caught my eye. I adore figs. My second go around had to be it. It was so delicate and just... words keep on failing me. 

I love gelato. I love food. 

So there you have it: my favourite so far. I can't in any way claim to be an expert on Florence's gelaterias or indeed gelato itself, but I couldn't help but share.

Gelateria Perseo, Piazza della Signoria, Firenze. 
It's in the corner by Chanel, diagonal from the copy of David. 


  1. I guessed that was Florence from the first shot, we have good friends there and it's high time we went back to visit them. Fabulous ice creams!

  2. I remember having amazing cherry gelato in Rome. Although my first Italian gelato experience was in Florence. Don't ask me where it was all I know is that it was in a piazza that had a building with a horse statue.

  3. I can't really think of a better way to spend your time than eating gelato. Every time I've traveled Europe that's the first thing I get a craving for! :)

  4. I've had that gelato!!!! ahhh sweet memories. and that is by far the best in town. made me fall in love with the pine nut variety.

  5. *runs to check the price of plane tickets to Florence...*

  6. What's better than having a large cone of gelato in Italy!!

  7. Florence is the perfect city to enjoy gelato in - and I know that gelato shop! It's window display is awesome, I love all the colours and fresh fruit on top. A friend in France recommended it to us before my husband and I were travelling there a few years ago, I'd make a trip back to Florence just for the sake of eating some again! (and other things - it's a beautiful city)


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