Friday 2 April 2010

Coffee Kisses

With a name like Coffee Kisses, how can you not make these biscuits? 

With all the sandwiched baked goods - macarons, whoopie pies, homemade oreos etc - flying around, I thought I would add another contender into the mix. I found these while flicking through the Biscuits and Cookies section of the wonderful Leiths Baking Bible and had to make one of the three varieties - Coffee, Chocolate and Lime. I've been meaning to do more baking with coffee so I plumped for these (though I have to admit, Chocolate Kisses sound incredibly seductive...)

It really felt like spring last week. It was sunny and warm, the snow was melting, the house was full of flowers. It really felt like you could smell spring on the air. But then it suddenly started snowing and the temperature dropped and voila, it's winter again. It's quite an odd feeling. We do still have the lovely flowers - like these beautiful tulips. It also means we get to ski powder again!

These felt like a great 'spring' biscuit. They're not to heavy and filling as I desire my baked goods to be in the winter and not too light and airy as I desire them to be in summer. The biscuits are light and crumbly yet fairly solid - they're small but you can actually tell you've eaten something (if that makes sense!). The buttercream is creamy and slightly tangy - and for once, it's a buttercream that's not too sweet. 

As per usual, I substituted some soft brown sugar into the mix. I also added a little cocoa into the buttercream too for a bit of mocha appeal and a tablespoon of creme fraiche for a bit of tanginess. I took out some of the icing sugar, too. I'm glad I made my changes - it was really tasty. I may or may not have eaten several spoonfuls while filling them...

The biscuits themselves are very nice on their own - tender and crumbly with a delicate coffee flavour. With the buttercream, they really shine. 

I got a bit overexcited and decided to pipe kisses in their 'xx' format onto the biscuits. I think they're quite cute, but perhaps a little too much... I also liked the idea of giving one (or more!) in a little box for someone special. Piped kiss on top totally optional!

Here's to kisses, coffee and otherwise!

Recipe removed as I no longer trust it to work perfectly for you.


  1. These do look cute with the kisses on top. If I gave them to my bf he would pop them into his mouth whole and probably eat about 20 in one go!

  2. They look great and make a nice alternative to all the macaroons that are flying about at the moment. I'm liking the kisses on top - cute!

  3. Your blog makes me want to do bad things. Like stay in my kitchen all day and bake chocolatey things!

  4. These are not just "quite cute," they are very, very, very cute. I love the little x's! Any sweet recipe containing coffee as a flavoring is one I can heartily endorse. Delish!

  5. they look so cute !!!!!!


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