Friday 10 December 2010

Candied Orange Peels

A few days ago I finally got home for the holidays. After just a day, I felt quite different in the kitchen. It's amazing how much residual stress builds up over a term and how it affects creativity. I just couldn't think straight or let things flow while I was in Oxford. 

It's wonderful to be home and just bake, chat to mum and play with the puppy. He's grown so much while I've been away but he's still very playful and loving. He's sitting on my feet as I type, attempting to nibble my socks without me noticing. 

I've never been a fan of the candied peel that comes in little plastic tubs and is used in loads of different Christmas baking. Mum and I have always substituted other things in for the peel. This Christmas I decided to try making my own to see if we liked them. 

I'm not sure exactly what happened but just as my peels were becoming translucent, the sugar started to crystallize and dry up. By the time I realised it was happening, the whole pot had dried up. As a benefit, they were done and covered in sugar without me needing to roll them, but I'm not sure why this happened. Maybe the heat was too low? Or high? 

I thought they came out pretty well, especially considering the weird ending. They're taste good - perhaps not the best thing ever, but much better than the stuff I've come across before. Perhaps I'm just not a candied peel person, especially in pure form. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing how they work in other projects...

Edit: I've removed the recipe as I use a different method now.


  1. Always meant to do these, you make them look very easy.

  2. Good stuff here. Happy holidays to your and all your blog readers!

  3. I'm a fan of the natural essence you get with a candied peel. My favorite thing to do with candied peels is when you go to roll them in sugar, mix a tiny bit of citric acid in with the sugar for coating. This gives them almost a sour patch kid taste! They are delicious.

  4. I love these but I am now allergic to citrus. I trimmed all the pith off the peels before cooking. This may take a while but worth the time. It takes the bitter taste away. I rolled them (with tongs) in Sugar in the raw an set them on parchment paper to dry for my sons wedding. They were gone in a flash. I was told they were addicting. You can do any citrus this way. YUM!

  5. You had the heat on too high, so the water evaporated and the sugar recrystallised before you were finished.


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