Sunday 24 April 2011

Chocolate Easter Egg Macarons

This month's Mactweets theme is Decadently Chocolate. Our macs had to have chocolate and "something, anything which will accentuate, complement the chocolate flavor and make for one spectacular mac!"

These are chocolate macarons with a...

As I was walking around the little local supermarket trying to think of my super-exciting flavour, I came upon the chocolate/sweets aisle. This seemed like a suitable hunting ground for Easter. Then I spotted my POP - popping candy! 

So these macs are egg shaped chocolate Italian macarons filled with a dark chocolate ganache and strawberry popping candy and finally piped dark chocolate on top. 

Because I matured them most of the pop was unfortunately gone. You had to stop chewing and concentrate to detect the sensation. Still, they tasted lovely. 

I tried a few other ways of using the candy too: I sprinkled some popping candy on the shells before baking but it melted and lost its fizzle. I also tried sticking some to the dark chocolate on top which worked fizzle-wise but looked a bit weird. I wondered about trying to somehow insert some into the shell after baking - or perhaps just pipe a circle of ganache and sit the candy in the middle.  Another time. 

Happy Easter! Hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Once again I adapted this Italian method recipe, scaled to 80g egg whites. I subbed 1 tbsp cocoa powder for 1 tbsp icing sugar. I then filled them with a simple 100ml/100g dark chocolate ganache and some of the popping candy. The feet are a bit small and I had a few problems with overcooking on one side of a sheet but otherwise pretty good. 


  1. Oh my gosh!! These are the cutest ever!!!! I must borrow this idea sometime, is it okay? I'd really love to try this.. Well done you!!!

  2. These are so sweet! I am in awe of how neatly you managed to pipe the egg shapes :) Love that you used popping candy, one of my favourites! It always annoyed me that the popping disappears as soon as the candy is near any kind of moisture, it's so hard to put in desserts! Maybe you could roll the feet of the macs in popping candy? Anyway, adorable! Happy Easter :)

  3. I had big plans to make Easter Egg Macs too, but unfortunately never found time. So fun to see yours.

  4. Happy Easter!
    The Egg Macs look just wonderful.

  5. elle marie - Aw, thanks. Of course - just send me a link so I can see :) Happy Easter!

    Steph - I know, it's frustrating isn't it. I want to try Karen's popping candy cake (the Heston one) at some point. I had a sheet of egg shapes I sneaked under my parchement to pipe them... though they were still a bit wonky in places! Happy Easter to you too :)

    Barbara - Shame you didn't find time but I'm sure you'll find some another year. Happy Easter.

    Kirsten - Thank you and Happy Easter!

  6. I am in awe of your egg shapes. 4 batches and a lot of bad curse words later and I still couldn't pull it off. I LOVE the pop rocks. So fun and such beautiful macs. The chocolate drizzle is so pretty. Happy Easter!

  7. How cute! I am too scared to try macarons, but these are gorgeous!

  8. Really good idea! Thanks

  9. Your macarons are perfect!! I'm still too scared to even try. Very cute!

  10. Wow so creative! So they retain their popping even inside the macarons? I used to love that stuff as a kid 8)

  11. Adorable! I continue to be impressed with your creativity in baking. Such an inspiration!

  12. I would have loved to have one of these. Pop candy was one of my fave candies when I was young...and I can imagine the delicate sensation in the heart of these beautiful macarons. Love how smooth your macarons are. Lovely to have you over at MacTweets.

  13. Brilliant minds think alike--we both drizzled chocolate on our macs. But I like your unique egg shape and "pop" picture. I have a hard time working with chocolate because of our super warm weather in South Texas (not to mention my horrible hot flashes--ha ha). Saw some of your other food photos--wow, beautiful and creative cakes and inspiring decorations.

  14. How do you pipped them into an egg shape? Would you share?

    1. I drew out the egg shapes on a piece of paper, then slid the paper underneath my baking parchment as a guide. I then removed it before baking. Hope that helps.


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