Friday, 24 June 2011

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

Unbaked cheesecakes are so much fun to adapt. I probably have more original recipes for these than anything else (previous incarnations include chocolate, cherry, raspberry and caramel, lime...). As I made extra dulce de leche last week (original project coming soon, recipe for making dulce here) and I had some spare philadelphia and double cream in the fridge, I thought it was high time I made another. 

The eternal question of if gelatin is needed came into play again when I made this last night. In the end I didn't include any and the set wasn't really strong enough. After unmoulding, a photo shoot and a taxi ride it started to slide - I had to pop it in the freezer until serving, which meant it was part cheesecake, part ice cream. It was still delicious - I'm happy with the taste. I prefer to not use the gelatine but I think in this case it probably needs it. So I have included a small amount in the recipe below in brackets. You could leave it out if you're going to serve immediately. I'll make another one soon to test it out with the gelatine -  but I wanted to share it now, even if it is a work in progress. 

Edit: I've removed this recipe because I'm not happy with it and don't trust it to work for you - I hope to rework it one day.


  1. Ohh my god! I've been looking forward to seeing what you were making with creamy dulce de leche, that looks amazing! I love the decoration on top too. I had to do a similar freeze job on my last baking effort too, but part cheesecake part ice cream sounds pretty darn good :)

  2. Harriet Griffey24 June 2011 at 21:24

    Love dulce de leche & this looks wonderful! I always post a link to your blog on my Facebook page when you post a new recipe & my friends always respond to it!

  3. Saw your cheesecake on FoodGawker, love the recipe as I'm a huge fan of dulce de leche :) Looks awesome!

  4. Steph - Aw thanks - you should try it out and report back as to any sliding action! It did make pretty yummy ice cream.

    Harriet - That's lovely of you, thank you. Facebook is one of the weird ones as you can tell people are linking to you but have no idea where or what they're saying.

    Alina - Thanks. Dulce is amazing isn't it, I happily eat it out of a jar with a spoon as well as making things with it.

  5. This looks absolutely perfect. Stunning photography and a delicious sounding recipe, very jealous! :)

  6. Dulce de leche is a winner in my heart, and I would never see a problem with anything part cheesecake part ice cream cake.

  7. I love unbaked cheesecakes too - I love the rich creaminess and infinite adapatbility. Dulce de leche is also a favourite - think this would be delicious with some chopped banana on top too for a bannoffee inspired option!

  8. What a gorgeous looking cheesecake! I'm interested to know how you were able to achieve the smooth sides around the cheesecake. Did you put a parchment paper (collar) around the pan? Thanks.

  9. I made this cheesecake on Saturday and it was absolutely delicious, however, it didn't set as well as I would have liked and I would probably use double the quantity of gelatine suggested in the recipe. It meant that the decorative piping on the top just 'ran' after an hour in the fridge. Before serving, I mixed the remainder of the dulce de leche with double cream and whipped it together then piped it on top and it was really lovely. Will definitely make this again with the extra gelatine - it was so light and creamy!

  10. Could I bother you to convert this to cups or ounces? Every time I try to I get several different measurements?

  11. Anon - I think I ran a hot, wet knife around the edge of the tin to release it, which would give smooth edges. Hope that helps!

    Frances - You're right, it does need the gelatine - I've doubled the amount in the recipe too. Glad you liked it otherwise!

    Nicole - This is the conversion table I use to go from US to UK - - hope that helps.

  12. Does the cake still need to chill in the fridge for two hours after adapting when gelatine is added?

  13. poiresauchocolat21 January 2013 at 21:33

    I think so, yes - the gelatine needs to set up.

  14. Emma, Try making the cake with agar agar a natural (from Seaweed) gelling powder which is a lot more stable under warmer conditions and will not melt like Gelatine in more humid environments. Also it really is no smell and no taste i find gelatine even when they say no smell still is like cows feet to me...oh wait a minute thats where it's from. You won't look back i promise you!

  15. poiresauchocolat14 March 2013 at 16:57

    I've never used agar agar, though I've heard a lot about it. Will give it a try soon - thanks for the reminder.

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