Thursday 19 May 2011


Just a quick note to say that there will be a short break from posting here as I'm about to take my finals (3 years of hard work comes down to 75% of my degree mark in 7 days of exams... eek). I was hoping to schedule enough posts to take me through but I ran out of time to finish them. I should be back and free from the Oxford shackles in a few weeks :)

(For an explanation of my odd exam attire above, see sub fusc. Carnations are bought by your friends - white for your first exam, pink for the middle ones and red for the final. Folklore goes that this symbolises the blood (sweat and tears) shed during the exams.)

Also, a little recipe titbit - I've made a few batches of brownies recently using my Snickers Brownies recipe and substituting the snickers for 110g of either toasted pecans (with 40g white chocolate chunks) or pistachios (with 40g dark chocolate chunks). I keep them in the freezer for quick sweet snacks...


  1. All the best, sending you virtual carnations :)

  2. Good luck to you my friend, I quite love the idea of the carnations!!!! Studying is tough work... been there, still there.. "giggles"

  3. Good Luck!! I remember well this time, soon it will be over and you'll never quite believe that they are done!

  4. Best of luck my friend....I'm sure the blood, sweat and tears will all be worth it :)

  5. Dear Emma, I'm a frequent reader and occasional poster to your blog, but I'm also (in my non-baking life--though I try to make the two overlap!) an academic, so particularly wanted to wish you all the best for your exams! Take care, Marina

  6. Good Luck! I bet you can't wait for them to be done so you can get into the kitchen again. :)

  7. I came by to look at your DB post, but I can see you've got far more important things on your mind! Best of luck with the exams, and be sure to bake yourself something nice when you are finished!

  8. Massive thanks to all of you for all your kind words of good luck, they really helped :)


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