Wednesday 30 November 2011


You're probably looking a bit confused right now. Porridge, Emma? Really?

My friend Elly (of Nutmegs, Seven) recently wrote a wonderful article about porridge. It really inspired me and I've been eating porridge for breakfast ever since. She sells it well: it's healthy, cheap and delicious.

When I was a little girl, porridge was a great wintertime treat. On a special morning mum would stir up a pot of oats then we would eat it drowned in double cream and brown sugar. I hadn't even considered adding spices to the mix.

This new, sexy porridge is amazing - full of flavour. I've tried lots of combinations and toppings. Elly inspired me to roast plums with orange juice and stem ginger and spoon them on top and from there I've experimented. The only things I've tried that were a little off were roasted figs on top and lemon zest in the porridge itself.

Writing a recipe for porridge seems a little ridiculous but I've put a sort of rough guide below. You can use your own basic recipe but do try adding in some spices and playing with toppings - it's fantastic.

(Also, if you're interested - top is fresh blueberry & toasted pecan, then raisin & pear, bottom is apple & sultana.)

My Porridge

about 1/3 to 1/4 of a tumbler of porridge oats (I use a small Nutella glass)
roughly 2/3 to 3/4 of the same tumbler of a mixture of water and milk, about half-half
handful of dried fruit (raisins etc), blueberries, grated apple
good sprinkle of cinnamon and ground ginger
fresh grind of sea salt and of nutmeg
optional splash of vanilla extract or dab of paste
fruit to top - chopped pear/apple/banana/roasted plums etc etc
nuts to top, toasted - I love pecans
Spoonful of brown sugar to finish (could use honey, maple syrup, golden syrup etc etc)

Measure the oats in the cup, then toss them in the saucepan. Measure the milk and water in the same glass, then pour in. Add the dried fruit/blueberries, spices & flavourings and stir. Put over a low heat and stir occasionally as it thickens. While it cooks, make a cup of tea and chop fruits/toast nuts. When it's thick enough (this changes with my mood), pour into a bowl and sprinkle your toppings on.

(Makes one bowl)


  1. YES!! Love this. One of my favorite breakfasts as well. The best part is that the possibilities are endless. Some days, I just mix in cocoa powder and peanut butter and it's like a peanut-butter cup in a bowl :) It gets me out of bed at least.

  2. hehe I think Elly has us all converted! I discovered porridge about 2 years ago and have been having it ever since, although toppings have only been a recent development (thank you Elly!). If I haven't had it for breakfast I'm usually starving all day and often end up having it for dinner instead. That's how much I'm obsessed! Never thought of having pecans with it, will try that next week!

  3. I am totally into an oatmeal/porridge phase. I just boil some up with milk and sweeten with a little maple syrup and I am a happy camper. But you are right, there are endless possibilities...

  4. It's that time of year: my sister just blogged about oatmeal on our blog! It's fun to see what you are doing with it and I'll check out your friend's inspirational post too!

  5. sounds amazing! porridge is such a reliable friend :) I love love love caramelized banana and almonds on top of my porridge. also, have you tried making porridge usingnother grains? I made some rice porridge when it was winter here - it turned out pretty much like rice pudding, but who's to say that's a bad thing for breakfast?

  6. I like cooking mine with grated apple... It's not ridiculous ar all!!!!! definitely want to try pecans pears & cinnamon... serious question here, do you think that vanilla and cinnamon counter-act each other? I have read this somewhere... Thanks.

  7. I still ahve such a soft spot for porridge - its very under-rated. I love what you have done with it :) Its the first day of Summer here in Sydney and its Winter weather so this is perfect for today

  8. I absolutely love porridge! It's so healthy and cheap and there's so much you can do with it :) Same with everyone else I love it in the morning when it's really cold!

  9. Porridge is without a doubt my favourite way to start the day - today I had it with some homemade sweet mincemeat, it was divine and very Christmassy :)

  10. Added the cinnamon and vanilla to mine this morning - such a simple addition but it makes a real difference!

  11. added the ginger powder this morning!! The apples tasted more appley!!

  12. a. - Cocoa powder and peanut butter sounds oh-so decadent! Love it.

    Annie - Hehe I've definitely had it for a few suppers too :) Pecans are wonderful, do try them.

    Nuts about food - Interesting that you use all milk - is it skimmed or semi/full? I find it a bit too creamy with all semi skimmed.

    Sara - Definitely delicious winter food - glad to see you're a fan too.

    Elly McCausland - Good.

    Amber - Glad you like it :)

    Angela - Caramelized banana and almonds sounds fantastic! I'm coming around to bananas - I didn't like them much as a child. I haven't tried with other grains, no - I love rice pudding though. Lots of possibilities!

    Maria - Grated apple is wonderful, good choice. I don't think they do counteract, no - just add another layer of flavour. Great to hear the ginger powder worked too!

    Nic - It is underrated. Though badly done it can be really horrid!

    Daisy - Exactly - it's a wonderful blank canvas. It's the best for my Saturday practicals when I have to be out of the door by 6:50am in the dark - keeps me warm and full all morning :)

    Alissa - I hadn't thought of mincemeat! I can't quite imagine it so I'll have to try with some when I get home and make some :)

    leloveluck - So glad you enjoyed the extra spices! They do make such a difference.

  13. I've caramelized some pecans and put them on still warm - poured cold milk over the lot and it startled to sizzle - delicious!!

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