Thursday 15 December 2011

Maple and Nutmeg Biscuits

I'm going home for Christmas on Sunday. I can't wait to see and ski all the snow that has been falling, to properly start the Christmas baking and to decorate our tree.

We've got mincemeat and mince pies to make, a christmas cake to decorate and stollen to create. This year I'm also thinking of trying out a yule log/bûche de noël - does anybody have a good recipe or tips?

I made up the dough on Monday but waited to bake these until today. In the gap I managed to eat a fair chunk of the chilling packet - the dough is absolutely delicious. I hadn't tried this combination of maple syrup and nutmeg before but it's fantastic - I'm definitely going to try and think of other ways to use it.

I'm not going to write out the recipe as I wasn't happy with the way they baked (they're not the prettiest but they are good to eat - though not as good as the dough!). It may well be because I removed the egg yolk when I halved the original recipe, so you can give it a go from there if you like. I tried to jazz them up with a touch of icing sugar - doesn't it look like glitter in b&w?

Do try the maple-nutmeg-salt combination though, it's absolutely wonderful.


  1. Ooh I've always wanted to try making a yule log but been to chicken to try it yet. I can't wait to see if you make one! These biscuits sound so perfect for Christmas and I love the sound of nutmeg and maple together. It's always a good sign when a raw batter or dough tastes amazing :)

  2. Maple and nutmeg biscuits sound absolutely gorgeous, and your little reindeer cut outs look so sweet. Shame the recipe didn't work out quite right, but to be honest if they taste good you're 99% there :-)
    I've been thinking about trying a yule log this year too - probably filled with chestnut cream because it feels festive and my Dad adores it.

  3. Those sound SO SO SO good!!! LOVE the flavours of both maple and nutmeg, but have never paired them.

  4. Yum, these sound so good!!! I love spices. Have a wonderful Christmas at home!

  5. Emma, maple syrup and nutmeg do sound good together. Maybe even on breakfast porridge? Thanks for the inspiration.
    Happy holidays to you,

  6. I love the Christmas cookies ... Love your reindeer cutout cookie !

  7. Stephcookie - I've made one! Yay :) The combination is wonderful - I'd love to see what you'd do with it.

    thelittleloaf - The taste is the best bit, I agree. It was the texture that annoyed me - I was expecting a crumblier almost shortbread-esque biscuit but they were pretty crunchy. Delicious all the same. Great minds think alike on the chestnut cream, hope to see yours soon!

    Jolene - hehe glad you like the idea! I'm a huge nutmeg fan so I love finding new ways to use it.

    Jennifer - Glad you like them :) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too!

    yummy supper - They'd be great in porridge, yeah! I expect nutmeggy pancakes or waffles with syrup would be a winner too. Happy holidays Erin!

    argone - Thanks! I love that cutter, it's so sweet.


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